Furlan – Perceptual effects of a congested day of simulated Rugby Sevens

PDF Furlan_eposter_rsnlive16 – click to view


In attempt to assess the effects of a new Rugby Sevens simulation protocol (R7SP), the aim of this study was to investigate the perceptual responses to a simulated day of Rugby Sevens.


Ten male representative-level rugby players (stature 184 ± 6 m, body mass 86 ± 8 kg, age 22 ± 4 y) performed three R7SP interspersed by a 2 h period. Participants’ subjective ratings of ‘readiness for exercise’, ‘fatigue’ and ‘muscular pain’ were assessed using a 10-cm visual-analog scale at arrival (PRE) and 1 h following the last R7SP (POST).


At POST, perceived fatigue and muscle pain increased almost certainly from PRE (large effect), while readiness for exercise almost certainly decreased (large effect).


Players undertaking a congested schedule of R7SP are expected to experience increases in perceived fatigue and muscle pain as well as reduction in readiness for exercise.

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