Session Summary

#RSNlive16 Day 1 – Tue 13/09/2016

Youth Rugby

Dr Jon Oliver (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

Maturity, biobanding and physical development of youth rugby players

Dr Ben Jones (Leeds Beckett University)

Physical demands of young Rugby players

Mike Hislop (University of Bath)

Injuries in schoolboy rugby: what are the risks, and what is the role of movement competency as a risk factor?


Injury Prevention

Dr Tom Dompier (Datalys)

Injury surveillance:  the first step of injury prevention in sports

Dr Eamonn Delahunt (University College Dublin)

Injury risk factor identification in field-sports

Dr Martin Hägglund (Linköping University)

Efficacy of preventive interventions in team ball sports

Dr Carly McKay (University of Bath)

Implementing preventive interventions in the field


Nutrition: Supplements

Prof Sue Backhouse (Leeds Beckett University)

Schoolboy supplement use behaviours

Prof Graeme Close (Liverpool John MooresUniversity)

Supplement usage in elite rugby: is it necessary and how do we do it safely?

Mike Earl (World Rugby)

Perspective from an anti-doping organisation

Coaching Science (Q & A panel)

with Mark Upton (EIS), Rick Shuttleworth (RFU), Shaun Williams (University of Bath)

Contemporary issues in coaching science


Q & A session

with Bob Beswickand and James Hudson

In conversation with professional players: preparing for life after the game


#RSNlive16 Day 2 – Wed 14/09/2016

Speed & Acceleration

Prof JB Morin (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Force-velocity-power profiling in Rugby

Prof Liam Kilduff (University of Swansea)

Application of Priming Strategies for enhanced speed and acceleration performance



Prof Ross Tucker (World Rugby)

Seven in focus: strategic and research imperatives

Stephen West (University of Bath)

Training loads associated with Sevens Rugby Union

Nick Lumley (SRU)

Managing the Sevens Player competing in the World Series


Cervical Spine Injuries & Rehabilitation

Lesley McBride (RFU)

Current research on the assessment and rehabilitation of the cervical spine in rugby

Dr Kathryn Schneider (University of Calgary)


Dr Dario Cazzola (University of Bath)

Injury biomechanics in rugby tackling: from lab test to computer simulations


Long-term Player Welfare

Dr Jackie Whittaker (University of Alberta)

Preventing osteoarthritis after knee joint injury in youth sport

Dr Vincent Gouttebarge (AMC Amsterdam)

Osteoarthritis and mental health in retired rugby players

Dr Sean Williams (University of Bath)

How much rugby is too much?


New Thoughts in Concussion

Dr Matt Cross (RFU/University of Bath)

Responding to a changing landscape: English professional Rugby concussion management and research initiatives

Prof Ross Tucker (World Rugby)

Lower, slower, safer: the influence of body position and speed on head injury risk

Dr Kathryn Schneider (University of Calgary)





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